adventures [TDC211]

Easy 10 miles this morning, 8 with viewtube Run England group. Evo and Chris racing at Greenwich 10K [Chris got another placing today at 3rd].

Another relaxed week next week before we start our Autumn training for real.

We were chatting today as we jogged along about ‘peak bagging’ type endeavours and running [related to parkrun tourism initially, and how it got you to see places you would probably never go otherwise] and I mentioned some adventures I thought might be fun:

  1. Remotest spot in UK.
  2. Place farthest from the sea.
  3. Centre of UK [disputed locations].
  4. Extreme points; North, South, East, West.
  5. Wettest/driest places.
  6. The highest point in each county/borough.
  7. Farthest phone box from population.
  8. Trig point bagging.

The fun and games you can create are endless; no idea how anyone can say running is boring? The thing that fascinates me is that some of these geographical markers are denoted by actual measurements [wettest/lowest/farthest] whilst some are almost arbitrary; based on past politics/history [boundaries of counties].

Sadly there are NO quadripoints in the UK anymore.

TDC 211 days 1549 miles


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