needle [TDC209]

Was supposed to have been a running free day but I ended up trotting 3 miles with my evening Run England group. Last night I got fed up with the tender and puffy big toe so I used a sterilised needle to try to ‘pop’ the swelling; didn’t work. I then had the brainwave of going under the nail bed and … instant relief on release of greyish puss and the same sticky liquid you get from blisters [no blood] and procedure completely painless. Assume it was the nail hitting against the toe proper that caused the issue in the first place. Strangely enough the toenail itself is not affected. Swelling gone, redness almost gone, tenderness hardly noticeable. Result.


Had to laugh today. In the Metro an article that states at a High School in China the students are not allowed to graduate unless they run 370 [not sure why that number, else a rounding up figure?] miles in the next three years. One mile every three days isn’t going to kill anyone but might encourage a lifetime of physical activity afterwards? Sounds like a good idea to me.

TDC 209 days 1531 miles


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