throb [TDC208]

Only a 6 mile jog this evening. My left big toe is a bit puffy and tender around the nail. Something I have only experienced before after running for several hours non-stop and with lots of ups and downs, so I’m not sure where this has come from? No problems whilst running but feels sore afterwards.

Decided today to knock the Snowdonia Marathon on the head. It was only to have been a tourist run anyway, being that I am not really race fit, and proving rather expensive with travel and accommodation. Have to take my own advice; any miles that don’t get you nearer to your goal are ‘junk’ miles. These can be short/long ot slow/fast and not merely short/slow recovery runs as most often assumed.

As the Movember Milo Miles challenge and an Ultra in December are my main aims for the rest of the year [as well as getting back to consistent 70-80 mile weeks] I don’t feel miffed at all at having to drop the marathon.

TDC 208 days 1528 miles


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