chill [TDC204]

Lovely relaxed 10K run this morning with viewtube guys, recovering from races and getting ready for the Autumn Half/Marathon training season. Perfect weather for running; cool and dry. 10 miles in total with jogs there and back. So another 500 miles knocked off for the TDC.

Right Achilles a little tight but to be expected given the short pick up to an 80 mile week from 22 miles only six weeks ago [22, 34, 55, 68, 66, 78]. I will probably ‘rest’ at 60-70 miles this week and train through the Snowdonia Marathon in two weeks time. Should if I’m careful get past a 3,000 mile year this year if the Milo Miles Challenge goes to plan next month.

I was going to run a Half Marathon this morning for the WWFoR [which has been going for several years] but I can’t find any information about it this year? I DID do more than 13 miles yesterday just in case. I am waiting excitedly to see the results from the Royal Parks Half Marathon today, that four of our guys are doing [for two it is their first Half].

TDC 204 days 1502 miles


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