tinkering [TDC203]

15 miles including to/from and tail running [speed walking with buggy mums] at Valentines parkrun whilst I did my event adjudicator assessing there. Via a Join In meeting on the way home.

val park

Two weeks to go until the Snowdonia Marathon and three weeks till the start of the Movember Milo Miles Challenge.

Four days of food diary clearly show that whilst calorie intake is fine for weight loss and the roughly 20/60/20 ratio [protein/carbs/fat] is okay, I need to up my fibre [more of the 5 a day], lower my salt [though it is at RDA] and look carefully at my iron and calcium levels. When that is done I can look at other vitamins and fine tune things. Certainly I need to take my own food places more, rather than rely on shop bought.

A decent 78 mile week and tomorrow a Rickrolling.

 TDC 203 days 1492 miles


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