red letter day [TDC200]

TWO HUNDRED DAYS. Doesn’t seem like a lot; but I guess I have been ‘resting’ for half that time? Glad to be back to it. mentally more so than physically.

A nice round number is as good a time as any for a little analysis. 200 days, 29 days with no running [though some others were as minimal as you can get], 1455 miles, average per run 8.51 miles, average per day 7.275, behind schedule 545 miles, daily average of 10.68 miles now needed to complete 10,000 miles in 1,000 days. So I only now reduce the deficient on weeks I do over 70 miles.

So it might be useful to think in terms of blocks of 5 miles instead of 545 miles? I then only need to knock off 109 extra 5 miles over the next 114 weeks. Clearly some weeks I will need to do more than one extra.


10 miles today including a fastish lunchtime run with my Run England group, which is rather unusual these days.

TDC 200 days 1455 miles


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