sunny [TDC199]

Continuing the feel good mood, this morning [it being a Tuesday, my usual speedwork day] I even felt like going out and doing some 400M intervals !? Sunny and crisp outside [first day the heating has been switched on]. I held off as with a marathon [that I am not really in shape for] in under three weeks time speedwork is not at all a priority.

I will keep up the weekly mileage around at least 70 miles for the next couple of weeks and just have a few days mini mini taper before Snowdonia.


I am starting to get excited about my third year at the Movember Milo Miles Challenge. Sure to be harder work this year with the extra weight I am carrying but I have 4 weeks [including the minimal mileage first week of the challenge] to try to drop to perhaps around 12 stone? Keeping active and altering diet and the lbs should being to ‘disappear’ hopefully. A [boring work] food diary is a key element, which I shall start tomorrow. Regimented eating is crucial until you reach your goal. I have also challenged [with a £20 incentive] a couple of other runners to a race; whomever loses 20lbs first [and keeps it off for four weeks after] gets the cash.

Tonight a jog to/from and 5K with my local Sweatshop group in Stratford for 7 miles. I can’t believe that tomorrow [at day 200] is already a fifth the way through the TDC!

TDC 199 days 1445 miles


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