Tikker Day [TDC195]

6 mile jog with a single 400 metre fast lap just for fun on the old track at Victoria Park in 1.34 in the middle. Feeling very heavy.


By all accounts runners should live longer than your average Joe? An interesting article about how good your balance is and life expectancy. Today I found out when I’m going to die [apparently]. My new watch is a Tikker [I was an investor]. It counts down the time I have left according to an algorithm. Not sure what happens when the battery runs out? So of course I just have to prove the formula wrong. I’ll let you know in 12,308 days time. Give or take a few. Interestingly, other calculators that don’t take certain elements into consideration give me a ‘score’ of only 10, 372 to 10, 500 days?

TDC 195 days 1407 miles


4 thoughts on “Tikker Day [TDC195]

  1. So you’ll only live to 64 or be fit and healthy up to 64? Is there a reset button? So many questions on that algorithm. What will the Tikker say after you’ve run a marathon/ultra?
    I found my heavy days followed a processed sugar overload day or in normal words – a day I stuffed my face with sweeties. Sluggish, no energy, breathless and a high heart rate.
    Keep up the good work 😉

    • 64? Not sure how you arrived at that figure? The 12 thousand plus days mentioned gives 33 years and some months. Unfortunately I am no longer 31 years old. 🙂 But yes my heavy weight is due to too many sweeties and junk. Also unfortunately it is slightly longer than heavy days 🙂

      • Oops! Saw the 64 years on the picture thinking that was your watch! Numpty moment.
        I’m addicted to the sweet stuff. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol but it’s just as bad! Sigh! At least all the running keeps me from turning into the blerch!! Lol!

  2. Ah understand now. No that’s the way the watch came out of the box before I set it. In fact I would be happy with that as it doesn’t show the age at which you croke, it shows the time remaining, so mine has 33 8 11 years months days etc.

    Yes choccy is my vice too. Worse things I guess …

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