fractal coast [TDC186]


I was excited to read recently that the plan [1949 onwards; surely a record for red tape?] to get a path around the entire coastline of England is back on and politicians pledge it will be completed by 2020 [Wales was completed in 2012].

The idea is fantastic, though in some ways a little odd, as we view ourselves as an Island, but of course England isn’t. So the coastal part of any such path will necessarily not be a closed loop. An ‘extension’ path could be made naturally to join up the points between the West and East coasts along the Anglo-Scottish border [Hadrian’s Wall is completely within England and therefore so is its path].


Personally I would be even more interested in a coastal path around the entire mainland GB island. This would make an even more challenging route than the traditional but only around 1,000 miles Land’s End – John O’Groats trek. At about 3,500 – 7,000 miles this would take a fair time to run around. The true length of the coast of mainland Britain is however a different story again.

Today: jog to Mile End, jog to Stratford, steps 5 minutes x3, 4 mile jog with tapering racers, jog home for a 12 mile day.

TDC 186 days 1333 miles


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