[TDC184] part 1

Decided I needed to try a longer one today. As I planned the longest distance run in about 3 months, I decided to ‘go easy’. This meant a comfortable jog pace of 10 minutes a mile and a one mile walk break after each of the 6 mile sections. Surprisingly interesting ups and downs.


The first break saw me pop into Kensal Road Cemetery for a look around. I joined the canal at the bottom of Harrow Road strangely [after I went up and down a bit, as I forgot you need to run on the road a little at Little Venice]. I took a couple of seed collecting mini-stops along the way.


Turned into quite a warm morning and I had forgotten to take any water [still good toughen up training] so I was certainly tiring by mile 18, so I purposely slowed the already modest pace for a cool down; especially as I decided to try for a second slow session this evening. Bashed knee only slightly sore.

Good to know that despite being very heavy and unfit I can still plod out a reasonable distance. 20 miles so far today.

TDC 184 days 1310 miles


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