bikes yikes [TDC183]

Third time in 18 months hit by a bike on the pavement this morning. Around a blind corner. You don’t expect anything coming around tight turns at 8.30am on a Sunday when the roads are clear [ie no reason at all for the bike to be there; if there ever is]. Frankly I am getting pretty fed up with stupid cyclists! Hit my head on the pavement but could have been much worse if there had been traffic and I had fallen into the road. The guy was pretty shocked and got a forceful rollicking from me about safety. A little old lady walking her dog wouldn’t have stood a chance. Luckily I got away with a bruised knee, grazed palms and a headache.


I am starting to think that as well as the white ghost bikes indicating a location where a cyclist has been in a collision, there should be some kind of marker for cyclist on pedestrian incidents. A red blood splat perhaps? Reclaim the Streets? Reclaim the bloody pavements I say.

My running week is Sunday to Saturday [as those were the logical dates for the thousand day challenge] and so I surprised myself by running/jog-walking 55 miles last week. All pretty slow stuff but just shows how far you can go if you do a  bit a day.

To/from and with this morning’s Run England group, a slow 10 mile day. I will try a longer run on my own tomorrow.

TDC 183 days 1290 miles


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