Today was the first day, wearing my Event Director hat, that I thought I would have to cancel the parkrun at Wanstead Flats. Early morning extremely heavy rain with thunder and lightning [not great through a wooded course] was making things look iffy. But lo and beyond, as per usual, with 30 minutes to run time everything cleared up. A crowd of just under a hundred made getting out of bed worthwhile.


I had to laugh though afterwards, on receiving my ‘results’. After nearly three and a half years I am now up to the heady heights of 17 logged [forgot barcode a couple of times] runs. As I was tail running I was also technically volunteering as usual.

“Congratulations on completing your 17th parkrun. Your time was 45:59.  Congratulations on your fastest time this year.” Ho Ho. Shows how infrequently I run them. I will need to do some more this year however as I have to [wearing Event Adjudicator hat] go and formally assess some local parkrun courses before December.

2.5 miles to PR, tail running, 2 miles back, 2.5 to Stratford and back for a 10 mile easy day.

TDC 182 days 1280 miles


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