stair despair [TDC180]

Easy 6 miles to/from evening Run England group. So unfit.


Yesterday’s first steps effort since May was awful. To think that in mid May I did the flight of 42 steps x 22 lots of 5 minute reps [total 8510 steps] and for the Conquer Everest challenge the week after [albeit on a different schedule of 30 secs on, 30 secs rest, rather than 5 mins on, 1 min rest] I did just under 21 thousand steps, but yesterday my quads were burning after only x3 5 min reps [total 1134 steps].

The Snowdonia Marathon in 5 weeks will definitely be a tourist run. Still, you have to start back somewhere.

TDC 180 days 1266 miles


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