Daily mileage for Movember 2012

Movember Milo Miles 2012


Movember Milo Miles 2013

I had a quick look with interest at my last 2 years’ efforts for the Movember Milo Miles challenge. I’d think that unless I drop a stone in weight over the next 6 weeks I have no hope at setting a better average pace overall [9.24 or 9.38 Garmin adjusted] for the month’s miles than last year [I didn’t record the pace in 2012 but it was certainly slower and I didn’t think about potential Garmin ‘inaccuracies’] but still at least hope to cover the minimum mileage.

In 2012 I covered 505 miles and in 2013 I covered 487 miles [which I adjusted down to 475 miles to allow for any possible Garmin error]. The needed distance is 465 miles.

Today a nice relaxed jog from Mile End to Stratford, 9 steps x3, then jog home after Run England group, for a total of 6 miles.

TDC 179 days 1260 miles


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