accounting [TDC175]

5 miles jog/walk to parkrun and back.

Spent a couple of hours totting up the meagre miles from the last 6 weeks [I can’t really call it ‘training’] barely ticking over period. Still haven’t really rediscovered my passion for running in the same way I had it before, but I am sure with time it will return. For my own mental health I am merely doing all I can to stay away from past ‘friends’.

Scores on the doors: should be at 1750 miles at this point in the 1,000 day challenge rather than at only 1225, so I am currently 525 miles behind. This is possibly now unrecoverable [as 10 miles a day was ‘going some’ to start with] over the next 825 days? But I would now need to average 10.6 rather than 10 miles per day. Doesn’t sound that much but … an extra 4 miles per week.

And that doesn’t include the time it will take me to get back to averaging at least 70 miles per week [probably a couple of months to be on the safe side?]

Still all not lost. Still worth working towards. I am glad I finally pulled my finger out and looked at the stats. No matter how awful.

TDC 175 days 1225 miles


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