back to it [TDC106]

Today I did 15 miles made up of 2.5 warm up and cool down with 8 miles at just over 8 minutes a mile pace with the faster runners followed by a less pacey 2 miles back to join the slower runners. It was lovely and overcast and therefore cooler today.

The viewtube runners Sunday run was back to normal now post Hackney Half training; good to be back home. A more intimate number of runners this week but I am sure that will pick up again once news gets out that we are continuing the Half Marathon training for Autumn events.

Today I discovered that there IS a global running day in the calendar. World Run Day. It is mostly a USA thing presently but, I will just have to organise a little event for that in November. I also coincidently started to design some e-medals for this year’s Movember Milo Miles; this year I will also announce a shorter kilometre version of the challenge.

TDC 106 days 952 miles


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