fat suit [TDC105]

Always seem to feel more sluggish in the mornings. Just a 5 mile jog to/from parkrun duties this AM. A few interesting timing issues that took a while to sort out manually [good job I can fiddle around the back end, oo’ er missus].


I found this article in a recent newspaper interesting. It seems to suggest that running one and a half miles is a hard effort? Though it doesn’t specify who these troops are exactly; front line or desk jockeys?

Of course the ‘under’ comments above are true for almost every army ever, but the overfed issue is rather more complex than it appears. It isn’t in the first instance down to a high fat diet. This in fact is quite commonplace in the armed forces; for non rear echelon personnel anyway. Simply, when you are in training you are working as if Satan himself was at your back, so you often need a high calorie intake. The paradox is that often once on active duty you don’t require a high energy output [hence needing less calories] as there is an awful lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ between periods of intense exertion.


All I know is, if I put on much more weight I won’t need a fat-suit fancy dress to run a marathon. Also I must up the miles as I am now over 100 miles behind TDC schedule, which doesn’t feel good.

TDC 105 days 937 miles


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