man up [TDC102]

Slowly getting back into my running again. Also to a small extent into the helping others with their running. I will have to decide by the weekend though whether I get back into the coaching proper [as there are people needing training for marathons for September, which is a very short time frame].

Had a productive meeting this evening with some colleagues, who would like the good work we have started to continue, despite possibly continued ‘problems’ from certain people.


I need to get on those scales soonest, as I am sure last week did a lot of damage weight-wise. Now 2 years and 3 weeks till 50/50 start [if all goes to plan] so time to man up and get on it.

Just a slow 3 miles today pottering around. Hopefully I can claw back 10 miles a week at least, to be up to scratch with TDC mileage by the end of August?

TDC 102 days 910 miles


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