1984 [TDC101]

I had thought I’d try to get a 1984 theme to the day. As on doing a little research I was surprised to find out that the 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four movie was filmed partly in my area [Beckton Gasworks, though nothing much of that left] just down the road, and in Silvertown.

Ray Caple - matte artist

Ray Caple – matte artist [click to view]

Also at certain other East End places near-by-ish. Like Cheshire street off Brick Lane, now also much changed.

But lots of little aches today [just shows, never take time off from running] and I am still in this strange running malaiseso I ended up merely jogging to/from the Sweatshop 5K run this evening. So only 7 miles today. Still, better than nothing I guess.

TDC 101 days 907 miles


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