out in the boonies [TDC99]

“The ones you love hurt you most.”

I guess my current ‘problem’ is that running has become much more than a hobby, more of a vocation, a way of life? So I guess I am currently undergoing some sort of crisis of faith?

I suspect, just as with sometimes not feeling like going out and running when the weather is bad, I will simply have to push myself out the door and get on with it? Hopefully then the ‘joy’ will return?

Perhaps I need to find an immediate hard challenge to undertake; something to get me excited about running again?

Still so many unanswered questions … but despite always holding hope, it is time to move on.

I was supposed to do a training marathon today for the TDC but woke up feeling ‘what’s the point?’ I guess I no longer view mere marathons etc as anything to get excited about.

At least the imminent arrival of day 100 of the TDC pushed me out the door this evening to do some miles. 6 miles jogged.

TDC 99 days 874 miles


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