Big Behind [TDC97]

So the last few days with virtually no running has put me nearly 100 miles behind target [instead of up to date as I would have been if I had completed the longest day challenge last weekend].

It has been a soul searching week about whether I continue trying to help others with their running or not? To be honest I haven’t yet made up my mind. The support of real friends makes the future possibly easier, but I am not certain I want the hassle any more; though there are many good reasons to continue.

Things I have discovered:
How very easy it is to become a slothful, overweight, non-exerciser [I am dreading getting on some scales].
How difficult coaching and being an athlete can be [one needs a caring heart, one needs a steely attitude].
How much I have managed to integrate my own training into helping others [running to/from sessions etc].
How much less I might run if I no longer coach [no reason for many runs].
How useful these runs are for keeping them at recovery level [you can’t arrive at sessions shattered from hard runs].
How much I am predisposed to help.
How much I hate unfairness of any kind.
How much I dislike selfish people.
How much I hate being forced to quit.

4 mile jog/walk.

TDC 97 days 860 miles


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