♥ running [TDC92]

Spent a lovely morning with kids from school at the Hackney Half Marathon completing their schools challenge on the last mile of the course. My running today therefore 1 mile.

Today was the first day of the thousand day challenge that I failed miserably; I had planned to also do the City Mile race and the longest day run, with 60-80 miles over the 24 hour period.

If I didn’t know better I might assume that all the miles I have been doing of late have left me over-trained, hence my lack of motivation today. Unfortunately it is nothing to do with my legs or  head but my heart.

Simply, after 2 years of ‘nonsense’ from certain people in the local running community I am utterly fed up with the behaviour created by petty ‘gang’ loyalties; to the point that it is now affecting more than just the running help I provide for others.

At least apparently the research [on mice] linking longer distance running to heart ‘problems’ has been over simplified and exaggerated by the Press.

TDC 92 days 852 miles


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