Tired [TDC91]

Shattered today, with even the jog/walk to parkrun duties this morning feeling hard. Still, another 5 miles in the bank. More, lack of sleep this week, than anything running related, I’d hope [as I haven’t done much running this week at all].


Really not feeling like doing a huge effort for The Longest Day Run tomorrow, especially as it looks like being very warm [poor Hackney Half guys], but I will try something.

I was down for the 10.20am wave of the City Mile race [It was starting at 9am originally but the organiser changed the time late on] making it very difficult with also helping the kids from school complete the Hackney Half Marathon school’s challenge at 9.20am. I have arranged to be allowed to go and do the post half wave at 12.15 but will see how I feel tomorrow and whether I bother going down there at all.

Whatever I manage tomorrow I will need to keep coming home to recharge my GPS as the bloody battery only lasts 7.5 hours absolute maximum – grr! Still, that does give a little excuse to take hour long wash and eat/drink breaks, though it makes it harder to get back out the door each time.

How long and how far I do is therefore all TBD but I certainly hope to do more than marathon distance.

TDC 91 days 851 miles


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