recovery [TDC86]

Waited until this afternoon to try a jog, and I’m surprised that my legs aren’t as tired as I thought they might be given yesterday’s distance. That does seem to suggest that I recover quicker from slower but longer runs [43 miles at 9 mins per mile with small breaks] than not quite so long runs but at a faster pace [marathon at 8 mins per mile pace]?

Just a slow 7 miles to/from evening Run England group jog today. Tired bits are right quad [same as after marathon 2 weeks ago – was it only 2 weeks ago!?] and lower left shin going into ankle. Apart from that I feel fine.


It will need to be a gentle recovery week this week if I am going to attempt the longest day run at some point next weekend? Anything around 60 miles will be fine for this point in my training scheme [in as many hours as it takes, nice and slow].

It was nice to have a young guy come along to training tonight who would like to become the next Mo. So we’ll see how that progresses.

TDC 86 days 826 miles


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