parkathon [TDC85]

Real short post tonight as a little tired. We had the first parkathon today and despite restrictions on publicising we had around 40 runners through the day come and join us at some point. Nine runners completed all seven 5K runs and special mention to Connell Kirley who ‘completed’ the hard way [i.e. 35K but by running the first four stages and the distances between; so less rest]. Several ran multi-stages and biked between.


Personally I did the whole 43 miles [All 7 stages and the distances between]. The last ‘between stages run’ [with lots of traffic light stops] and last stage was getting quite hard and my pace slowed to 10 minute miles. I had to log on two watches as my Garmin 610 battery pooches after only 7 hours so I used it just to log the between stages part and timed the actual 5Ks on another watch.

Times for my 5Ks: 27, 26, 26.30, 26.15, 25.30, 26.15, 31 the Mile End course is a hard one to end the day, on tired legs.

Time to soak legs and an early sleep.

TDC 85 days 819 miles


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