marathon [TDC81]

I have been reading with some interest the ongoing ‘disputes‘ that exist between those aiming to achieve the Guinness Book of Records ‘Most Marathons in a Year’.

Whilst I am as ‘peak bagging’ as the next guy [perhaps more so?] and I see the need for pretty good ‘documentation’/proof of actually running what is being claimed and that the distance is at least 26.214 miles, I see a lot of the rest of the requirements and limitations proscribed by the recording bodies to be rather silly/mean.


Does it really matter that the distance completed is in an officially recognised marathon race? Surely this just measures who can afford to travel and enter many marathons in a year, and not really much to do with the actual running.

Apart from very exceptional circumstances one would think this would automatically limit the record to well under 365, as there simply [no matter how far around the world you travel] will never be a marathon [or more] every day of the year that you can enter; as special ‘for record breaking purposes only’ marathons are not allowed?

I have found out that even if I complete 50 marathons in 50 days on a measured track, verified by reliable parties, I would not be able to use those marathons to join The 100 Marathon Club, say. I guess everyone is entitled to make their own club rules but running the distance and completing the challenge is the important thing.

Just an easy 10 mile bitty jog around today. This evening’s Run England session was great fun and lots of hard work from all. Hot day though.

 TDC 81 days 756 mile


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