guide [TDC80]

I have been thinking for about 5 years now about offering to help train, or guide during races, unsighted runners. I was reminded again last December when I was doing an Ultra, when there was a guided lady athlete completing a marathon on the same course.

I did used to be able to sign fairly well, but as with all languages if you don’t keep it up you forget everything [just like my French]. In a couple of weeks it’s deafblind awareness week.

Can’t believe Juneathon is now already 1/3 over. For the Janathon I completed 350 miles in 31 days, so it will be interesting to see how my miles this month stack up? I was coming off a more high mileage phase at the beginning of the year though. Only 103 miles so far so will be around the same amount I’d think?

Just an easy day today jogging to Stratford and back for 4 miles.

TDC 80 days 746 miles


2 thoughts on “guide [TDC80]

  1. Hi Paul,

    Before taking on the LIRF training this past Sunday I did a fair bit of research on the Run England website. I found out your have a significant presence in East London… Are you a Run England Activator? Anyway I am following your blog now.

    As a Game Maker in the 2012 the highlight of the Games was for me the Paralympic Marathon by far!
    Guiding blind runner is something I have been thinking about as well recently. Have you eared of Achilles International?

    Kind regards,


    • Well done on becoming a leader!

      No I am a running coach, community sports activator, sportsmaker, parkrun event director, event adjudicator, event organiser, Join In network co-ordinator, so on, so on. .. athlete 🙂

      No I haven’t heard of Achillies International, I will do some research. Thanks.

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